Whether you already track your assets, or want to start, you could be missing out on 6 vital benefits for getting the most out of your assets

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1) Geofence – Your Virtual Asset Boundary

Geofences let you set designated areas for assets & receive instant alerts when an asset enters or exits this boundary. Perfect to monitor movement, theft & assess driver behavior.

2) Make Maintenance Manageable

Automated maintenance scheduling & service reminders help you keep on top of repairs. Real-time fault code alerts let you respond effectively to unseen errors. Compliance audits help you stay at peak standard. All resulting in improved performance, extended lifecycles, and increased uptime.

3) Maximize Asset ROI

Save money on costly repairs, track assets to remove loss, and assess up to the minute data on usage. Put your assets where you need them, for better leverage & less wasted revenue.

4) Eagle Eyed Overviews For Real-Time Visibility

Real time tracking lets you view all your assets on one map, giving you business peace of mind. With better visibility you get control over your assets, and detailed insights into driver behavior.

See which vehicles are moving, idling or switched off – when trailer doors are open or emergency lights activated. Remove questions on payroll and billing for business clarity.

5) Consolidate Valuable Usage Data In 1 Place

Data reports help you identify hidden trends. Customizable dashboards and data exports in multiple formats lets you stay adaptable. What’s more, intuitive integration with other enterprise systems let you link up inventory management, procurement, & maintenance systems. Now that’s streamlined.

6) Prevent Theft, Or Make It Temporary

Get alerts when your asset leaves its designated area. Track stolen assets with location data to recover your valuable equipment. Empower yourself to protect what’s valuable to you.

High Performance Asset Tracking Could Give You The Insights, Overview & Peace Of Mind To Give You The Business Edge.