Thought fleet tracking was a luxury you couldn’t afford? Think again.

What is a vehicle tracker?

Quite simply, it’s a small electronic box that fits inside your vehicle, which sends signals with details of where it is and what speed it is travelling at.

This super useful data comes from the GPS Satellite system, which also feeds position data on your vehicles to all your satnavs and devices.

What are the benefits?

In a word? Data. These modern tracking systems give you and your company huge amounts of powerful data that will let you run your fleet more efficiently – which means saving a lot of money.

Most importantly, you can also monitor driver behaviour data, such as harsh acceleration and braking, time using the cruise control, pedal position, rpm bands, fuel consumption, and engine diagnostics. This nifty little device will stop your workers driving like maniacs in a flash!

And all of this rich telematics information is then fed back to you, directly on your PC or smartphone.

Why are vehicle trackers so popular for businesses?

Ask anybody who has had vehicle tracking on their fleet, and they will tell you that they couldn’t live without it.

In the same way that mobile phones became indispensable to us over a decade ago, now tracking has become the must-have business tool if you want to take full control of your fleet.

What are the features?

  1. Know where your vehicles are at all times – Anywhere in the world. Never lose track of your vehicles again!
  2. Secure your vehicles Much easier to recover your vehicle in the event of theft.
  3. Easy to use –Manage and check on mobiles, tablets and desktops.
  4. Save Money – You could cut the cost of fuel and insurance across your fleet.

How do I see if I qualify?

  1. Step 1 – Click your location on the map below to get your FREE Quotes
  2. Step 2 – Answer a few simple questions
  3. Step 3 – Receive quotes based on your tracking requirements