Join The 1000s Of Businesses Using Dash Cams

More than 40% of fleets now use dash cams in their vehicles1. With the majority of these businesses receiving insurance discounts and seeing a reduction in accidents2it’s no surprise that this number is set to rise in 2023.

The latest dash cams are way more than just a camera. They’re an impartial eye witness, a driver safety coach, a GPS tracker and so much more.

World Class Features For Business Fleets

Real Time Incident Detection

Get HD videos of crucial events in real time so you can push back on insurers and avoid crash-for-cash claims. In other words, you can save time and money from expensive claims while protecting your drivers and reputation.

In-Vehicle Driver Coaching

Prevent incidents before they happen with in-vehicle alerts. Detect and send alerts to drivers when they’re displaying poor driver habits such as distracted driving, tailgating and using their cell phone.

Easy-to-use System

Cameras can be installed in under 15 minutes, either by self installation or a professional. Once installed, all driver data can be easily accessed in a central place.

Who Are Expert Market?

At Expert Market, we have over a decade of experience in helping people choose the best solutions for their business needs. We’ve helped 1000s of US businesses find the right tools for their team at the best price.

From Fleet Tracking to CRM Solutions to Dash Cams, we’re here to help you make an easier decision.