Written by Riaz Ali

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/ What are the standard costs for business waste collection?

Commercial waste isn’t a popular topic but it’s necessary – as your business grows, so will your trash. Is your business (and budget) prepared to deal with an increase in waste?

From bin hire to landfill tax, and everything in between, read on to find out how much cash you’ll have to splash to get rid of your business’ trash. Or, if you’re short on time and want to get stuck straight in, use our free comparison tool to receive quotes from top waste management suppliers.

If you remove your business’ waste yourself, costs start from around £300 per year. This includes bin hire, landfill tax, and admin fees. The £300 fee is based on a selection of the lowest price variables are selected, but realistically it will be a lot higher.

The time-saving alternative is hiring a specialist company to deal with your commercial waste removal. Prices start from around £400 annually. You’ll save yourself from a lot of paperwork, time, and stress!