CRM systems join your business together

1) A CRM system increases the number of leads your business generates.

CRM systems help boost the number of leads you collect, by connecting up to a webform on your homepage which asks for email addresses of visitors in exchange for a freebie.

CRM systems also help you gain referrals. They enable you to analyse the engagement you’ve had with existing customers and see who your most satisfied customers are. You can reach out to these customers and ask them to refer your company to a friend.

2) A CRM system helps you sell more to existing customers

CRM systems offer rich data about existing customers. Once again through webforms, they collect data on whatever data you require in order to target the right customers with the right offer, leading to an increase in sales. With the right information, such as a customers birthday or industry, you can send your customer personalised offers, such as a birthday discount.

3) A CRM system improves your customer service

Effective customer service is the best strategy for retaining customers. CRM systems ensure customer retention, by collecting data on customer satisfaction. Advanced systems will enable you to send out customer surveys and gain valuable feedback. It will also ensure that your team stays on the same page by giving them one, central location to store important details. For example, if one team member has a call with a prospect and that same prospect makes a call a week later, a different team member will be able to refer back to the details of the first call. This gives your customer a more efficient service.

4) A CRM system helps you make smarter offers

CRM systems can differentiate, through lead scoring, between leads which are hot, and lead which need more work before they’ll convert to a customer. This allows you to concentrate your efforts on the warmer leads and adapt your offers to move the colder leads through your sales process.

5) A CRM system helps you nurture your prospects

Lead nurturing is essential if you want to convert prospects regularly. Your CRM system will allow you to nurture your prospects with very little work involved thanks to marketing automation. You can create a marketing campaign which consists of a series of emails that will convince your prospects to buy from you. This can be set to run in the background while you concentrate on bringing your prospects over the line.

6) A CRM system improves team communication

CRM systems allow you to log in every detail of interaction between your staff and your customers and can remind you to complete tasks based off of this. If for example, you speak to a prospect and you’ll tell them you’ll follow up with them in a weeks time, you can enter this into the system and you’ll receive a reminder the following week. Your CRM can also hold your most important documents for quick and easy access which, in cloud-based systems can be reached from anywhere in the world. This improves your teams organisation, collaboration and processes for greater success.