Convenience isn’t always easy to come by in direct mailing. Going to the post office and dealing with everything required to send a piece of mail takes time, whether you’re sending a letter to a key client or hundreds of direct mail marketing campaigns. A postage meter is something to think about if your company uses direct mail frequently.

Save time, meters are faster than sticking stamps, as they automatically calculate rates and print postage. Many meters can seal your envelopes as well.

Save money, postage meters provide users with access to postage discounts when compared to using stamps. Meters have integrated scales that accurately weigh and rate mail, allowing any postage amount to be printed, so you will never apply more postage than is necessary , resulting in incredible postal savings.

Postage meters are more convenient, as users can download postage 24/7 and do not need to purchase stamps at the post office.

Postage meters can also help to grow your business. With a metered imprint, you can give your envelopes a clean and professional appearance by adding your logo or a customized message.


Available in a wide range of models and prices, we have meters available to meet your business mailing needs. Find out how much you could save now!


How much does a Postage Meter cost?

The price of a meter depends on its capacity. The larger the volume of mail it can handle, the more expensive it is. There are two ways to avoid unnecessary expenses. You can opt for renting and paying rent every month, or you can find the machine at the best price.

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