An up-to-date security system is a must-have for families in the UK

Surprisingly, many UK homeowners don’t own a security system.

The most common reasons for this are concerns about costs and reliability.

Monitored Smart Alarms come with access to a 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre, where expert staff actively monitor and respond to any disturbances at your property within minutes.

Even if you live in a relatively quiet neighbourhood, a Monitored Alarm System gives you complete peace of mind about your home’s security.

What are the benefits of a new alarm system?

Upgrading your home security isn’t just the easiest way to keep your family safe. It’s also a smart move if you’re after any of these:

  1. Industry-leading technology: Equip your home with the next generation in burglary prevention.
  2. Complete protection: Monitored alarms give you full peace of mind securing every inch of your home.
  3. Full installation included: Your alarm system gets installed by a nationwide team of technical experts.
  4. Customisable solutions: Tailor your security to fit your family needs, with a pet-friendly system.
  5. Trusted service: Choose a smart alarm that’s trusted by thousands of families across the UK.

How easy is it to install a new alarm system?

It’s a common misconception that installing a new security system is difficult. Most providers will organise the installation for you, so no need to worry about getting set up.

If you’d like to get a free quote from a trusted security supplier, click your region on the map below.