Cutting costs has always been important to keeping profits healthy. Especially in these uncertain times, it’s vital to save money wherever you can.

Nowadays, the biggest costs for businesses with fleets is fuel, labor and compliance. Fortunately, a vehicle tracker could help you save on all threecutting your fleets’ overheads.

How can you save money?

Fuel is the single biggest expense for most fleets. By providing real-time information on a vehicle’s location, route optimization can be achieved to minimize fuel consumption. The tracker can also monitor driving habits and provide feedback. For example, a vehicle tracker can be set to send alerts to fleet operators and drivers that notify them when they exceed predetermined speed limits, encouraging them to slow down. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that excessive speeding may decrease fuel economy by up to 20%.

The second biggest expense is labor. A vehicle tracker can significantly reduce labor costs for a business fleet,by improving efficiency, increasing productivity, and ensuring safe vehicle operation. It provides real-time information on vehicle locations, enabling more efficient scheduling and dispatch. The tracker can also monitor speed, route, and stops, leading to increased productivity and reduced downtime. By ensuring vehicles are used efficiently and within designated working hours, the need for overtime is reduced. The tracker also provides data on time spent on tasks, allowing for better time management and resource allocation. Furthermore, it promotes safe operation of vehicles, reducing the risk of accidents. 

Finally, a vehicle tracker can help a business stay compliant with regulations and avoid fines. It monitors working hours, ensuring compliance with Hours of Service regulations. The tracker also acts as an Electronic Logging Device, recording and storing driving hours, location, and vehicle data to help ensure compliance with ELD regulations. The tracker provides real-time information on a vehicle’s maintenance status, allowing for timely and regular maintenance, reducing the risk of fines for non-compliance with maintenance regulations. Additionally, it can monitor emissions and fuel consumption to help ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

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